“all really inhabited space bears the essence of the notion of home ...whenever the human being has found the slightest shelter: we shall see the imagination build "walls" of im­palpable shadows, comfort itself with the illusion of pro­tection-or, just the contrary, tremble behind thick walls, mistrust the staunchest ramparts. [We] experience the house in its reality and its virtuality, by means of thought and dreams.  It is no longer in its positive aspects that the house is really “lived” nor is it only in the passing hour that we recognize its benefits.  An entire past comes to dwell in a new house.” -Gaston Bachelard

In this body of work I use contemporary building materials as signifiers for the interior space of residential homes.  I believe the home exists as more than a logistical dwelling; a home directly contributes to our human identities.  Homes are pieced together and fashioned by personal taste and reflect our realized or unrealized dreams.  In this way the skin of our home not only displays our decorative sensibilities, but also mimics the vulnerability of being human. 

There is inherent entropy that exists even within our newly constructed architecture.  Perhaps by exposing this disrupted state we may better understand our relationship to the spaces we make. By altering surfaces and reassembling the form we can see architecture as a malleable reflection of our own physiological existence vs. a stagnant and separate façade.